My name is Allison Henderson and I am an independent college counselor. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from UC Davis and a Certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego. Whether you are Athletic or Academic, fascinated by STEM or STEAM, interested in SLACs or State U, I can help you every step of the way.



Perhaps you really are busy, or your high school counselor has a heavy caseload and can't provide personal attention, or you just need a different (calming!) perspective, some privacy or a sounding board.  You can never go back in time--let A+ help you anticipate.and organize the application process.


There is an abundance of misinformation regarding the college experience. Those people exist who would lead you astray, don't believe their hype! A+ is dedicated to being as objective and accurate as possible. Read the A+ Blog for guidance and advice on the increasingly complex, multi-faceted, college admissions experience. Jumpstart your search with our Top Tips page


A+ offers customized plans for any stage of a student's academic career including advice on high school coursework, standardized tests, college search, college applications and college essays. While A+ can't pay for your tuition, we can help you find a reasonable path where your student's academic aspirations intersect with the family's other financial obligations.


What if you are unsure about your path after high school? There are still many options to consider: community college, specialty/vocational education, GAP year, online/MOOCs. Call A+ if you could use some help on how to best "hack your education" in this perplexing 21st century.

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