Top Tips from A+

There are many pathways to choose from after high school is over. This section is dedicated to jump-starting the thinking process whether you are college-bound or not sure where you want to be in 5 years. Scroll around and let the cursor lead you in whatever direction you see fit.

Just a few "Tips" to get you started!


  1. Procrastinating
  2. Paying too much attention to rankings
  3. Being geographically limited
  4. Applying only where their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend applies
  5. Not requesting supporting documents on time
  6. Applying too late for Merit Aid consideration
  7. Not doing their own research
  8. Not filling out their school’s ‘profile’ completely (or, at all)
  9. Being Unrealistic
  10. Taking on too much debt

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Student athletes:10 things to consider

  1. Blue Chip/Immediate impact athlete gets the scholarship.
  2. Full-rides in college sports: rare!
  3. Athletic scholarships can disappear.
  4. Merit aid is absolute awesome-ness for athletes: Study hard in high school!!
  5. Determine if you are that “Impact” player by playing high level/national tournaments.
  6. Dig deep into your favorite college’s roster for actual numbers of players, how many players are recruited each class, amount of playing time, when/if your position will be available.
  7. A coach may guarantee a “spot” but that doesn’t mean guaranteed playing time.
  8. College athletes have two full-time jobs: Sports and Studying. It’s harder than you think!
  9. Athletes get injured, dropped, coaches leave.  
  10. No matter which sport you play: Choose your college based on the academic fit first!

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10 Tips to Saving Money in College

  1. Take APs in high school => Save on college tuition.
  2. Take dual enrollment classes—same as #1
  3. Resident Advisor: Sign up to be one in college. Save on dorm costs.
  4. Resident Advisor: Sign up to be one in college. Build your resumé, too!
  5. Take a few units extra each semester in college. Graduate early => Save on tuition!
  6. If your college allows, take community college classes in summer. Graduate early => Save on tuition!
  7. Enroll in community college first. Transfer later. CC credits: $64/unit vs Yale: $2400/unit.
  8. Enroll in your State U. Live at home. Save tens of thousands over 4 years.
  9. Apply early for Merit Aid.
  10. Don’t NOT go to college. Over a lifetime, that’s a million dollar mistake.

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10 art schools to consider

  1. Academy of Art University
  2. Cornish College of the Arts
  3. Laguna College of Art + Design
  4. Maryland Institute College of Art
  5. Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  6. Parsons The New School for Design
  7. Rhode Island School of Design:
  8. Ringling College of Art and Design
  9. School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  10. The University of the Arts

10 summer programs to consider

  2. UCLA Summer Institute
  3. Embry-Riddle Summer Academy
  4. Middlebury Language Academy
  5. Minneapolis College of Art & Design
  6. Ringling College of Art & Design’s Pre-collegiate Perspective
  7. Santa Clara Summer Engineering Seminar
  8. Savannah College of Art & Design
  9. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute
  10. United States Naval Academy



10 Engineering schools with (some) liberal arts emphasis

  1. University of Rochester
  2. Swarthmore College
  3. Smith College
  4. Lafayette College
  5. Columbia University
  6. MIT
  7. CalTech
  8. Harvey Mudd College
  9. Olin College
  10. UC Santa Barbara

10 Most Enjoyable Careers of 2014

1. Optician -- $34,0000 starting salary
2. Project Manager -- $87,000
3. Physical Therapy Assistant -- $50,000
4. Practice Manager, Medical Office -- $55,000
5. Physician Assistant -- $90,000
6. CEO, Small Business (Entrepreneur!) -- $177,000
7. Vice President, Human Resources -- $140,000
8. Physical Therapist -- $70,000
9. Structural Engineer -- $65,000
10.Manager, Dental Office -- $44,000 

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