A+ Services

Welcome to A+ College Consultants! Contact A+ at (626) 275-8792.  We will travel to your home or meet you at a convenient, comfortable place of your choosing. With Skype, Google Hangout or a landline, no matter where you reside, we are here to help you manage the fast-paced and expensive college admissions process. While not every student is college-bound, every individual needs a plan for life after high school.

What A+ can help you with:

+ custom plans for each year of high school–which courses to take (AP, Honors, College Prep, online), which standardized test to take (ACT vs SAT) and, given your schedule, when to take it. You can never go back in time–let us help you anticipate and organize course work, tests, test prep, extracurriculars so you don’t look back and say: Gee, I wish I had known that!

+ college search:  We have visited hundreds of colleges across the country. Let us help you find a really good fit.

+ essays: do you need help to find your voice and tell your story? We won’t write the essay but we can help you develop and craft those 600+ words to explain who you are and why your college of choice should admit you.

+ applications, supplements, interview prep, deadlines: there’s a lot to plan and organize which we really love to do.

+ financial aid: let us help you work through the acronyms: FAFSA, CSS, EFC, NPC, OMG (as in, OMG, this is gonna be expensive!)

+ unsure?  Let us help analyze your strengths and challenges. There is a healthy path for you both during and after high school. Thinking outside the box is our specialty.

+ Why hire A+? Perhaps you are really busy, or your high school counselor has a heavy caseload and can’t provide personal attention, or you just need a different (calming!) perspective, some privacy or a sounding board. We will help you maintain a stress-free environment during your student’s last year at home. In a one-hour session, for example, we offer general planning advice at any stage of the admissions process, including jump-starting your college search, essay editing and/or interview prep. Our Full Package is useful for those families needing more in depth help with the college search, summer exploration, essays as well as the application process itself. A package is best purchased early during the junior year of high school. Call for details.

On a personal note: As an independent college consultant based in San Diego, I have worked with clients from 30+ high schools just here in San Diego. I also work with clients across our southern border, and in other states. I even had a client from Zimbabwe which was super cool! Using Google Hangout or Skype (and yes, the telephone), I find it easy to work with clients no matter where they are located. Students of all ages are welcome; I have age-specific advice for students starting in middle school all the way through the college years (transfer students and adult learners also welcome). Please contact A+ by phone at (626) 275-8792, and, in the event I don't answer, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Note that this A+ line also has a 24/7 voicemail messaging/transcription service so you can leave a message no matter the time of day.