Goldilocks Chooses a College: Is it just right?

NWU Acceptance folder

College acceptance letters are trickling in for the Class of 2017. From now until May 1st, when enrollment deposits are due, college-bound seniors and their families will fret about which school to attend. While having more than one option is a wonderful thing, the deciding can be agony. 

Parents have talked up the college adventure for years: Your roommate will be your best friend! You’ll meet your future spouse! College will be: Awesome! Enlightening! Fun! 

UC Irvine Rec Room

Older students probably warned them about: Exhaustion! Loneliness! Psycho roommates! Loans! Tickets!

UA bicyclist gets a ticket

With colleges charging anywhere from $46/unit to $3600/unit, families may decide that cost is paramount. Absolutely. Parents and students both want value in their degree. (Yes, your students, too, understand the costs.) Even so, at many price points, a wide variety of options exist.

A Good Fit: The Usual Parameters

  • Location
  • Weather
  • Rankings
  • Proximity to home
  • Cost
  • Campus culture
  • Majors offered
  • Internships and job offerings

Drilling down to more specific considerations:

  • Core curriculum requirements
  • TAs or Professors
  • Academic support
  • Endowment growing or going bankrupt
  • Active learning environment or two midterms then a final
  • Connection to professors
  • Alumni network

The average college-bound student in the US is one lucky individual. There are so many campuses to choose from--according to NCES: 4,726! Once you get past the 2-yr, 4-yr, rural/urban, West vs East, Pac 12 vs ACC, or dozens of other important parameters of your choosing, most any decision will be a good one. And, families are, by and large, making smart choices. Witness relatively low transfer rates at many colleges. (Dropout rates are a different story!)

UA Rec Center Massage Room

The question that really should be asked: Is there such thing as a “perfect fit”? If you want to be one of the 108,000 'Go Blue' fans, then you can't be afraid to raise your hand in a class of 500+ students. If you want a massage studio in your rec center, you probably won't be getting the small, liberal arts experience.  If you want to get to know your professor on a first name basis, you may also know the names of all the members of your class...before Freshman year is even over. Compromise is healthy! Agonizing over a perfect fit leads to unnecessary anxiety and unrealistic expectations. 

My A+ college tip? Be adventurous! Challenge yourself. Push on the envelope for a while. You can always come back to the known and familiar. You'll be wiser and stronger when you do.

Allison Henderson

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