Merit Aid Rocks!

I love this time of year! Late Fall. The bulk of admissions work is over. The students who applied early are already receiving their admits and offers of merit aid. So far, my students in the Class of 2017 have received over $500,000 in merit aid! This is money that won't be coming out of the parent's bank accounts to pay for college. This is money that doesn't have be paid back. This is money that a student-athlete won't lose if they don't make the roster. 

Merit aid is the absolute best aid! Think of it as a coupon for xx% off of tuition. 

Admissions officers are recognizing and rewarding all that hard work and effort with merit scholarships. One major point: this aid is most often but not always offered to the best students. Let me repeat the 'not always' phrase. You don't have to be at the tippy-top of your class to be offered merit aid. You do have to understand which colleges are most likely to offer it. Call A+ for an appointment if you'd like to learn more. 

Allison Henderson

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