Lady Gaga and College

Juilliard Diamond Building.jpg

Lady Gaga attended, even if only briefly, the Tisch School of the Arts. So, yes, even Lady Gaga had to fill out the Common Application and do the NYU supplement. The college application ritual is a rite of passage for almost 70% of high school seniors.

Why did Lady Gaga even apply to college? Maybe she knew these stats:

1.     Education significantly increases the ability of an individual to move up the economic ladder.

2.     If you had a bachelor’s degree, you were less likely to be unemployed during the ‘Great Recession’

3.     With a bachelor’s degree, the typical worker will earn about 2/3 more than someone with only a high school diploma

What I like to tell high school seniors is that the spectrum of colleges includes those that will accept anybody and those that hardly accept anybody. Don’t fret! If you want to attend a four year university, there are roughly 2,000 4-year schools out there–you will find one that suits you!

Get more info on the ROI of a degree here: