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What is your path after high school?

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Why Hire A+

Perhaps you really are busy, or your high school counselor has a heavy caseload and can't provide personal attention, or you just need a different (calming!) perspective, some privacy or a sounding board.  You can never go back in time--let A+ help you anticipate.and organize the application process.  

A+ Services

A+ offers customized plans for any stage of a student's academic career including advice on high school work, standardized tests, college search, college applications and college essays. While A+ can't pay for college, we can help you find a reasonable path where your student's academic aspirations intersect with the family's financial considerations.

Who is A+

My name is Allison Henderson and I am the owner of A+ College Consultants. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from UC Davis and a Certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego. Whether you are Athletic or Academic, fascinated by STEM or STEAM, interested in SLACs or State U, I can help you every step of the way.

How It Works

If you are in San Diego County, I will travel to you. Fret not, using Google Hangout or Skype, or even just a landline, I have worked with clients from Arizona to Zimbabwe (really!). You can hire A+ for one session or purchase a package (most efficient if purchased in 11th grade). Call for details. Read more on the getting started now page.

A+ Tips

There is an abundance of misinformation regarding the college experience. Those people exist who would lead you astray, don't believe their hype! A+ is dedicated to being as objective and accurate as possible. Read the A+ Blog for guidance and advice on the increasingly complex, multi-faceted college admissions experience. Jumpstart your search with our Top Tips page


What if you are unsure about your path after high school? There are still many options to consider: community college, specialty/vocational education, GAP year, online/MOOCs. Call A+ if you could use some help on how to best "hack your education" in this perplexing 21st century.

Read the A+ Blog for guidance>

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Watch our video about “How to Choose a College” featuring five popular colleges in San Diego. This six minute video highlights just how different a college experience can be. 


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